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Here are some videos I shot using my helmet camera and here's my chicken curry recipe!

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Video from Jammin thru Mongolia 2014

15 September May 2014

Here's what it's been like on Jammin thru Mongolia 2014. A fun little video shot in the Orkhon Valley riding Royal Enfield Bullets. And the ride is not over, yet!


Snapshot from Mongolia

Riding #bliss on the #steppes of #Mongolia @RoyalEnfield #JamminMongolia #adventuretravel #motorcyclesofinstagram #potd #JamminGlobal #skyphotography #offroad #motorcycle #blog

Jammin thru Mongolia Begins!!

10 September 2014

Jammin thru Mongolia begins and wow, just a few kilometers outside town and we're in awe at the immensity of the landscape. Once the concrete gives way, the grassland takes over from horizon to horizon. It isn't that flat as we rolled up and over hills that gave us views far across the land. It looks sort of like Montana but of course, there's Russia to the north and China to the south here ;) We had a coffee break up on one hill and after lunch, the big sky, bactrian camels and wild horses kept us enthralled and affirmed that yes, we were riding in Mongolia!

Jammin thru Mongolia begins!

We left the city behind and the landscape opened up in front of us and all around us. It's not as flat as I imagined as we rolled up and over small and big hills. It makes for some pretty sublime riding and that too when chugging along on a #RoyalEnfiled Bullet

Coffee break out on the steppes and check out our super cool support van. It's an old Russian UAZ-452 offroad van in an original fetching teal blue

Wild horses of Mongolia moving around in herds.

Riding a #RoyalEnfield Bullet across the mind expanding landscape of #Mongolia and looking cool while doing it

Snapshot from Mongolia

A #Mongol #horseman outside parliament in #Ulaanbaatar #Mongolia #JamminGlobal #blog #silhouette

Snapshot from Mongolia

A #Mongolian monk at Gadan #monastery in #Ulaanbaatar #JamminGlobal #JamminMongolia #adventure #tour #blog #traveltheworld #potd #portrait #Tibetan #Buddhism

Snapshot from Mongolia: Selfie with Genghis Khan

8 September 2014

Say hello to my friend, Genghis Khan, sitting like a boss in the center of Mongolia. On the flight in I had a long look at the desert and the rolling hills surrounding Ulaanbaatar and can't wait to get out there on two wheels. The city looks clean and orderly and I can feel a Soviet vibe with the wide pavements and big block buildings along with massive statues everywhere. Mongolians appear very friendly and the lady sorting out my SIM card went out of her way to get me all set up. There's not much English here but those that know have stepped in and helped out when they saw me struggling, like buying roasted pine nuts from a street vendor. Looks like there's lots of new money here from minerals and every other car is a Land Cruiser or a Prius! Good to explore a new city but the wilderness is calling...

Jammin thru Mongolia Starts Now!

A #dreamcometrue! Flying tonight to #Ulaanbaatar for the start of Jammin thru #Mongolia. Ten days #riding #RoyalEnfield Bullets across the vast #steppes. #cantwait #soexcited http://ift.tt/1qvxZ1r #JamminMongolia #adventuretravel #expedition #travelpics #JamminGlobal #blog #fbvr #fbjg

Jammin Global Travelgram September 2014

7 September 2014

Here's the Jammin Global Travelgram for September 2014. Click the image to see the whole newsletter.

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Launching New Destination - Sri Lanka!!

4 September 2014

Launching a new destination for 2015... Sri Lanka! Come with me for a circumnavigation of this island filled with sublime coastal riding, offroad tracks through jungles and twisty mountain lanes all surrounded by wildlife parks, paddy fields and tea plantations. This is happening next April. Put in your holiday notice now :)


Other tour dates for 2015
February - Kenya
May - Mongolia
June - Peru
July - Ladakh