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Here are some videos I shot using my helmet camera and here's my chicken curry recipe!

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Zambia, Part 1: Visiting My Childhood Home in Chipata

21 - 23 December 2012

In all of Africa, one country holds special significance to me and that is, Zambia. In 1983, at the age of 2, my family moved to the small town of Chipata in Eastern Zambia and we lived there for 9 years. My father, an agricultural scientist with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UN, was stationed at a research center near town. My family says those were the best years as life was good in Zambia. Vacations were spent on the shores of Lake Malawi and going for game drives in South Luangwa National Park. I saw lions and elephants out on the savanna before I saw them in a zoo. I got my first taste for road trips in rickety Land Cruisers and was crossing borders before I could even write. My time in Zambia is a fundamental part of who I am today and I knew I had to visit this ‘home country’ on my motorcycle journey.

It wasn't easy to come back because the visa process is extremely difficult for Indians, which was surprising considering the long relation Indians have with Zambia. In the 1970s and 80s, there were many Indian families all around Zambia and even the provincial town of Chipata had over 50 Indian expat families, which made for fun parties. What was great was that there were many kids around the same age as my sister and I and our friends from Chipata are still all in touch, thanks to facebook.

Besides the personal connection to Zambia, I wanted to revisit Victoria Falls and then connect overland to Namibia. And in Lusaka, I was looking forward to meeting the girl child that I was sponsoring for the past few years through Children International.

Entering Zambia at the Chanida border with Mozambique. Zambians are known to be super friendly and some of that must come from the relative stability and growth the country has experienced since independence.

Checking in at immigration and everything was very orderly and professional. Just a few days before I had received notice from my contact in Lusaka that my visa was approved and I presented that letter here, along with $50 and was welcomed back home. For sanDRina, Zambia doesn't accept (or need) the carnet and customs simply issued a temporary import permit for free that I was to hand over when I left, which reminded me of the smooth border crossings in South America. Being politically stable meant that Zambia was on top of its bureaucracy and the customs agent made sure I bought insurance for sanDRina.

On the road to Katete with lots of bicycle traffic.

My route through Zambia. I entered from Mozambique then visited Chipata before heading for Lusaka and Livingstone. From there, I exited to Namibia. Click on it to go to the interactive version in Google Maps.

Jay and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance at MTM 2014

2 April 2014

Getting ready for 'Jay and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance' at the second annual Motorcycle Travellers Meet - India next weekend near Bangalore.

sanDRina's rear tire has been suffering a slow leak for the past few months and I finally swapped out the inner tube, getting back in the groove of using my tire tools. I'm using a bead breaker here on my Heidenau K60 Scout tire to get access to the tube inside. The old tube was a heavy duty one from Heidenau and I've been using that since Hamburg (March 2011), all through Africa and up till now. Not a single puncture through those 46,360 km (28,812 miles)! In went another Heidenau HD tube.

I'll also be doing a Ride Skills workshop at MTM 2014, so if you've never stood on the pegs and want to gain confidence riding through sand, along with attending all the other awesome sessions planned, hit the link and register:

Published: Piece in Little Black Book Delhi on Motorcycle Touring Outfits

24 March 2014

Here's a piece I wrote on Indian motorcycle touring outfits, including my own ;) over at Little Black Book, Delhi, a curated guide to the city and beyond.

An excerpt: "When you hit the road, the destination becomes just an excuse to ride. It is the stories that happen along the way that make riders undertake this almost spiritual experience. Leave civilization behind, with just a few essentials strapped on your motorcycle. Ride across Ladakh. Cruise the Konkan Coast. Explore forests in South East Asia. Feel the space in the African Savanna. If these words speak to you, but you don’t know how to even begin to plan an escapade like this, here are your go-to people."

Featuring Vintage Rides, Helmet Stories, indiMotard adventures, IndusRider and Jammin Global.

Talks: Jammin Global to present at Motorcycle Travellers Meet 2014

21 March 2014

In 3 weeks, the second annual Motorcycle Travellers Meet - India will be taking place outside Bangalore. This is the place to be if you live and breathe motorcycle traveling in India and want to share your story, pick up tips from seasoned overlanders and get inspired from those on the road right now.

sanDRina will be coming down to #MTMindia 2014 and I'll be leading a workshop titled "Jay and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" ;) There'll be another DR650 overlander at the meet as Johan Senekal has timed his ride through India just perfectly.

The event is limited to 100 participants, so apply now at:

The event page on facebook:

A recap of MTM 2013:

Snapshot: Storms in Africa on the Okavango River in Namibia

14 March 2014

Storms in Africa.

This was shot on the border of Namibia and Angola on the Okavango River. I took a boat ride from my campsite in Rundu and we had to high-tail it back as this fast moving rain system moved in. I kept clicking the gorgeous sculpting of the storm clouds by the winds until the rain forced the SLR away.

If you've seen the Planet Earth show, you'll know that this river doesn't end in the sea but instead flows inland to Botswana where it spreads out as the Okavango Delta. I was here during the intense southern summer rainy season and the locals said the river was rising daily as it rushed to quench a part of the Kalahari Desert.

[Shot in Jan 2013]

Tours: Ride the Highest Roads in the World this June with Jay

11 March 2014

Clear blue skies, high snow banks and a warm chai.

Have you dreamed of riding in the high Himalayas? This June I'm leading a ride on one of the world's most epic motorcycle journeys - the Manali to Leh Highway. It's quickly getting tamed with tarmac so best to ride it sooner than later! Cross 7 extreme passes and top out at Khardung La.

Tour info and book at

Press: Featured in Sunday Times of India

7 March 2014

Got featured in an article in the Sunday Times of India on the growing trend of Indians taking motorcycle trips abroad. Got a mention for Jammin Global Adventure Travel ;)

Excerpt: "On a bike, there's a greater sense of being in the surroundings, instead of just passing through it..."

read it full size:

Jammin Global at Delhi Bikers Fest

4 March 2014

At the Delhi Bikers Fest on my birthday, standing here with Sundeep Gajjar, the founder of xBhp, a huge Indian motorcycling forum and now magazine, and Arun Thareja, founder of the Group of Delhi Superbikers. Both of these guys, along with many others at the fest, have put in a tremendous effort in growing the motorcycling scene in India. Good to meet lots of bike enthusiasts and hopefully someone got inspired to start their own journey after seeing sanDRina and my presentation ;)

Big thanks to Joshua John and his team (Sanjeev, Tarique and more) for pulling off the fest and bringing all the various flavours of bikers together at one event. There were vintage bikes, Harleys, superbikes, Enfields and of course, traveling bikes :)

Press: Interview with

28 February 2014

Here's an interview I did with, the oldest and one of the largest news portals in India.

An excerpt: "What would you consider the best moment of this marathon trip? That would have to be when I realised, about six months into my trip, somewhere in Brazil, that the reputation of my chicken curry was preceding me." ;)