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Here are some videos I shot using my helmet camera and here's my chicken curry recipe!

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Snapshot: Riding the dusty tracks around the Maasai Mara

Riding the dusty tracks around the #maasai #Mara. #AfricaIsBeautiful #JamminGlobal #Kenya #instablog #potd #Savannah #magichour

Snapshot: Elephant in the Rain, Maasai Mara, Kenya

#African #elephant caught in an afternoon downpour in the #Masaai #Mara. The heat was intense just minutes before and you could feel the relief from the land and its creatures. #safari #wildlifephotography #rain #JamminGlobal #instablog #travelpics #naturephotography

Jambo from Kenya!

2 August 2014

Ahh, Stoneys! I've missed you. Jambo from Kenya :) I've arrived in Nairobi for my first tour, Jammin thru Kenya. It was an easy flight over and nice to be back 'home' after almost two years. Riding around town, getting things ready for the tour and nothing as refreshing as a cold Stoneys - Kenya's trademark ginger beer, I'm definitely taking some back with me!

New Arai XD3 Helmet for New Riding Chapter

1 August 2014

I got a new helmet! and yes, it's just like the old one. The graphics are too flashy for me, so I got it painted.

Arai make top of the line helmets and since this is my life and business now, got to go for the best. The older one is an Arai XD (1) that I bought used on eBay and it has served me wonderfully through my whole journey and then some. Thankfully I've never had to test how well it protects my head but a helmet's structure gets weak over the years and now it feels nasty inside, even after a thorough cleaning. Just imagine all the grime soaked in there! So, thanks to Josh Rhodes who brought me this new Arai XD3, again from eBay. They've already released the XD4, which I'll probably upgrade to in three years ;)

The old Arai XD and new XD3.

Masked and in the process of getting a new livery.

Mr Rawat in Munirka of New Delhi did a fine job of the painting.

How do you like that? It's matte but has a sheen right now that I hope will wear off after riding through some Kenyan dust ;)

Snapshot: The lifeless tress of Dead Vlei in Sossusvlei, Namibia

19 July 2014

Sculptures in the desert. These are the lifeless tress of Dead Vlei in Sossusvlei, surrounded by the giant sand dunes of the Namib Desert.

I'm slowly sorting through the photos from my ride through Namibia in early 2013. From over 5,000 photos, I'm selecting a collection of about 200. What a tough task!

Signup for Jammin Global Travelgram

15 July 2014

Introducing Jammin Global Travelgram, a newsletter about motorcycle traveling. If you'd like to stay informed about my upcoming tours, new destinations that I'm scouting and other news about traveling on two wheels, sign up!


July 2014 Calendar Download from Ladakh Himalayas

3 July 2014

Happy July from Ladakh where they say Julley!

Download this calendar for your desktop with these resolutions:

1280 x 800: http://bit.ly/jg-july-1280

1440 x 900 (MacBook Air): http://bit.ly/jg-july-1440

1920 x 1200: http://bit.ly/jg-july-1920

2880 x 1800 (MacBook Pro Retina Displays): http://bit.ly/jg-july-2880

Jammin Global to present at miniMTM Mumbai 2014

8 June 2014

I'll be in Mumbai in a few weeks for the first Mini Motorcycle Travellers Meet :) We had our big annual event in Bangalore in April and now we'll be putting on a series of Mini MTMs at various locations around India. Mumbai is first up. It's just a day event and it'll be packed with inspirational motorcycle travel stories, practical workshops and info sessions to get you on the road.


Steph Jeavons, who recently started her RTW on a Honda CRF 250 from London will be our feature speaker, then we have Avinash Thadani who rode a KTM 640 around South America and Kedarnath who got inspired from the first MTM in 2013 to ride to Europe on his Royal Enfield Thunderbird. I'll be doing my off-road ride skills workshop early in the morning and we'll end with a Ladakh info session.

Register now at http://motorcycle.travellersmeet.in/registration/

Zambia, Part 3: Victoria Falls and Maintenance

31 December 2012 - 3 January 2013

As I made my way west across Zambia, I had come to my final destination of Livingstone. And here lies one of the greatest natural wonders of the world, Victoria Falls, the longest curtain of water in the world. I remembered coming here as a kid and as much as being a natural wonder visit, it was also a nostalgic visit. I stayed with an American rider friend who was part of a mission and he had been following my trip and saw that sanDRina had some serious cracks in her frame and offered to weld her up properly before I headed into Namibia. It also happened to be new years and I welcomed 2013 in style.

Pete had been following my ride report on ADVrider.com and invited me to come and stay at the camp he was part of for his mission duties in Zambia. They had a lovely property just south of Livingstone and being the low season for missionary visitors, I was put up in one of these tented cottages for a few days and the first thing I did was head over to...

Victoria Falls! Wow, what a sight. It's also known by its indigenous name of Mosi-oa-Tunya, which in the Zambian language of Tonga translates to the Smoke that Thunders. In full flow (from February to May), the mist from the falls can be see from kilometers away and the rumble can be heard as it spreads over this generally flat land.

The thundering power of water.

It's not the highest (Angel Falls), widest (Iguazu Falls) or even fastest flowing (Niagara Falls) but Victoria Falls is considered the largest falls in the world. In full flow, the water flows over the edge in an uninterrupted sheet more than a mile across (1,708 m, 5,604 ft). I don't care much for comparisons as each mega falls is awe-inspiring on its own. There's something about being so close to massive amounts of water free-falling.
Click here to see the high resolution version.